Industrial Beds

Shop our latest industrial beds below. We have single, double, queen, king and bunk beds available. We can also custom make a bespoke industrial style bed for you, built to your specifications. These industrial beds are perfect for an industrial or uniquely styled bedroom.

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Scaffold Beds

Many of the beds we sell are scaffold beds, this gives them a cool unique look whilst being incredibly durable, comfortable, affordable and able to hold immense weight. However, the main reason we sell scaffold beds and scaffold style beds is that they are adjustable. That means many of our beds can be modified over time, if you suddenly want a longer or wider bed. We can modify many other elements too, including the colour of materials and the materials themselves. Head to our custom product page to find out more about custom scaffold beds.

Reclaimed Wood Beds

We only use the highest quality new or reclaimed materials in our products. When we refer to our industrial style beds as reclaimed wood beds, it’s only because some of them feature unique headboards or footboard made from special reclaimed wood. We use that wood because it has character and style that new wood cannot compare to. We ensure the reclaimed wood used in our industrial beds is thoroughly cleaned, quality checked and fit for purpose.

Reclaimed Beds

We don’t sell reclaimed beds. The only thing that is ever reclaimed about our industrial beds is the wood mentioned above. We make some of our industrial beds out of scaffold materials, which gives them a unique industrial style and allows us to make them to your requirements. This makes them great for unique spaces, as you can request an unconventional size that is as unique as your home. These industrial beds are a real way to make a house a home. In fact, these were some of the first products we made and remain some of our best selling products.