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Industrial Style Furniture

Welcome to the home of industrial style furniture. We have been selling our homemade industrial furniture to friends and family since 2019. We realised that there was a lot of demand for our industrial style furniture, made out of interesting materials such as reclaimed wood. So, we made this website in 2020 so more people can enjoy our industrial furniture. Thanks for coming.

Industrial Furniture

In our market research, we realised that industrial style furniture is usually cheap and badly made, however, the upmarket industrial furniture that we would rather have in our houses was unaffordable. We started Industrial Style Furniture with the goal of making high-end industrial furniture affordable for normal people. You may have also seen us on Etsy.

High-Quality Industrial Design Furniture

We use only the finest materials to make our industrial style furniture. Our purchasing department sources both new and quality reclaimed materials. We do rigorous quality checks to make sure we provide high quality at low prices. We employ expert craftsmen who take pride in designing and handmaking industrial furniture. We also invested in partnerships with local manufacturers who provide some of the parts that we cant make ourselves.

What Our Customers Say

Of course we love our industrial style furniture, but don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of our reviews. Tap here to send in your review.

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